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Philosophy Statement

We believe that sports and competition have much to offer athletes, including some TLC.

“T is for” Training,
“L” is for “Love of the Game,” and
“C” is for Character Building
Training is 3 Fold

Athletes need training of the heart. The Heart needs training in Character. We use Character Qualities as taught by ATI. Athletes also need training of the Mind (how to think properly and effectively) and Body (physical skills, strength, and conditioning).

 Love of the Game

Love of the game grows as athletes learn the fundamentals, skills, and strategies necessary for success in each sport.  The Training of the Heart, Mind, and Body build passion and confidence, which ultimately breeds a love of the game!

Character Building

Competition is the “pressure cooker” which reveals the training of the Heart, Mind, and Body!  Practice and Training build character, and then competition reveals the Character and their Heart.

We also believe that sports are not an end all, but rather a means to an end. The Angels endeavor to use the sports and talents God has given us to grow as individuals, and as a team, and then to minister to others!


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