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2018-19 PE & Sports Camp Flyer

2019-20 PE & Sports Camp Flyer

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Sports Camps: Campers will receive skill instruction, character development, and game experience in a Christian environment that will help them grow physically, socially, and spiritually.

*All Camps will have Game Play, Rules, & Strategies to succeed in each sport!

Soccer-Footwork, Ball Handling, Passing, Shooting, Punting, and Goalie Play.

Cricket-Hitting, Running, Blocking, Defense, Throwing.

Flag Football-Hiking, Blocking, Running, Passing,

Flag Rugby-Catching, Lateraling, Running, Defense, Punting.

Wally-Ball-Passing, Setting, Hitting.

Volleyball-Passing, Setting, Hitting, Serving, Defense, Blocking, Digging

Racquet Sports-Racquetball, Handball, Pickle Ball, Badminton

Dodgeball-We will play over 10 Different Versions of Dodgeball!

Basketball-Ball Handling, Passing, Shooting, Rebounding, Defense

Speed & Agility-Plyometrics, Ladder Drills, Speed Drills

Table Tennis-Serving, Volleying, Forehand, Backhand, Defense

Baseball-Throwing, Catching, Hitting, Running, Bunting, Pitching

Tennis-Serving, Serve Return, Net Play, Forehand, Backhand, Spiking

Track & Field-100 Meter, 400 Meter, Mile, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Softball Throw, Gunny Sack, 3 Legged Race, Egg Race and fun Field Day Carnival Events

Sports Camps:
Each Camp is only $30 / 6 weeks

$5 OFF for PE Students!

Do 6 camps per Athlete, Track is FREE!

3rd & 4th Child Discount=Half Price

Track & Field is $10 per child or $25 per family.  $8 for PE Students with a $20 max. for PE famlies.

One Student can do PE for the Year, and 6 camps for only $250.

One Family (no matter how many kids) can do PE for the Year, and All Camps for $750.


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